The Sorry State of Dell

by Ed Sparks

We've been huge fans of Dell hardware for many years, despite a few bumps along the road after Micheal left the company and it grew far too quickly.  The past few years though, it really did seem like the company was getting back on track.

Then, it all went off the rails.  Since the announcement that the company is trying to go private, and the infighting that's occurring between the board, Michael Dell, and investors, the quality of hardware, support and just the general running of the company has fallen hard and fast.

We spend six figures plus with Dell each year, and our account team is a mess and constantly getting changed, they've pulled many products from the Premiere purchasing program, and most troublingly we are routinely getting hardware - direct from the factory - with defects.  Non-working parts, completely wrong orders - often multiple times in a row.  We pay for ProSupport, which has too become quite tragic.  Angry reps that transfer us endlessly around, and on-site technicians that do the bare minimum and run out the door - often leaving non-working systems behind.  We recently tried to buy a battery for an Ultrabook less than 2 years old.  This took almost 5 weeks of fighting!  Dell basically told us these were not possibly to buy and we should pretty much throw out the laptop.  Keep in mind we wanted to BUY A NEW BATTERY.  This wasn't warranty.  Pathetic.

We're done.  Dell - you've had a good run, but you've ticked us off for the last time.

Dude - we're not getting any more Dells.

This blog post pretty much sums it up:

I'm interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on their about their best Enterprise hardware now.  We're leaning towards Lenovo, but HP seems to be making some good stuff now and running a little more smoothly again.  Leave comments with your experiences.