Linkedin Hacked: Why you should download Lastpass immediately!

by Ed Sparks

From Forbes and others...

It’s been a rough day for Linkedin, first with news that its iOS app collects full meeting notes and details from a device’s calendar and sends them back to the company in plain text. Then later news that more than 6.5 million passwords were reported compromised.

Norweigan IT website Dagens IT first reported the breach, noting that “Two days ago a package on the 6.5 million encrypted passwords posted on a Russian hacker site. Those who posted it wanted help to crack the codes, which is common in such environments, says password expert and consultant in Evry, Per Thorsheim. - Unfortunately, they are in a format that makes it relatively easy to break them, he said. According Thorsheim there is much to suggest that passwords are derived from LinkedIn, the great social network for professional users. It could mean that many lucrative users now are at risk for ID theft.”

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