Fixing Windows 10 Build 10041 Not Showing in Windows Update

by Ed Sparks

After a long 55 days Microsoft has finally released a major update to the Technical Preview of Windows 10.  In typical fashion they rambled on about how they're changing their build process, and going to release the product this summer, and how wonderful everything was going to be now as we users would be getting builds fast and furiously.

Then reality set in, and for a vast swath of users the much awaited build was nowhere to be found on Windows Update.  Refreshing Windows Update like a mad man had no effect.  It's not lost on everyone how Microsoft can't even seem to get downloading Windows right these days.  <face palm>

A busy thread has quickly emerged on the Microsoft Answers site, and for the majority of troublesome systems, the fix appears to boil down to a few items:

  • Make sure you are using drivers from your system vendor.  The most troublesome items seem to be Intel HD Graphics and Networking.  If you're using Microsoft's or Intel's published non-hardware-specific drivers, often this is causing systems to get locked in a Windows Update loop trying to download and install bad drivers over and over.  This blocks the next build from coming down, as it appears to want a pristine Windows Update status before starting.  So, go uninstall any drivers and re-install the versions from your hardware maker's site.  I'm looking at you Lenovo and HP owners.  
  • THEN, once you've checked, updated and rebooted...
    Download this hotfix from the Microsoft Update Catalog.  Make sure you put on your rose colored glasses and go back to 1998 first though.  You need to do this from Internet Explorer and install an Active-X Control.  Then add the 32 or 64 bit hotfix to your "basket".  Then download the basket.  Then right click on the downloaded file and Run As Administrator.  You know, because they couldn't just publish a link to this.
  • Alternatively, check/update the registry as follows:
Open regedit.exe
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsSelfHost\Applicability
BranchName, REG_SZ, fbl_impressive
ThresholdOptedin, REG_DWORD, 1
ThresholdRiskLevel, REG_SZ, low

Delete all other values

Once complete go to Settings App - Update & recovery - Windows Update
Tap or click Check for updates

  • Other users are reporting that disabling Windows Defender then rebooting sometimes fixes
  • Still others are going to the Settings App - Update & Recovery - Windows Update - Advanced Options and toggling to the Slow Ring (under Choose How Preview Builds are Installed) then reboot, then toggle back to the Fast Ring, then Tap or click Check for update

Good luck and happy testing!