Why the Facebook iOS app is so terrible

by Ed Sparks

Found this the other day, and thought it was interesting.  As Facebook's shares continue to tumble.

This does​ point to a larger issue thought, how Apple is increasingly becoming the Microsoft of old, and artificially limiting third party products to ensure they don't work as well as native.  

Hopefully Apple and Facebook make nice soon.

So what is wrong with the iOS app?

    App is slow 

    Inconsistent information notification icons say there are new messages or responses, actual window does not show anything new.

    App is slower than mobile web site while everybody is used to speedy apps, the Facebook mobile web site is faster than iOS app, and offers almost the same functionality.

    Tons of other bugs scrambled views, photo upload, text boxes disappear, no sharing.

What is the origin of these issues?

1. HTML and UIWebViews without Nitro JavaScript engine

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